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CD- Say your name and tell us what you play.
Jon- Iím Jon, I play guitar.
Chris- Chris, drums.
Shane- Shane, bass and vocals

CD-Who are some of your biggest influences?
Jon- Discharge.
Shane- Discharge and Anti-Cimex.
Chris- Discharge.

CD- A lot of bands choose a topic to take a stand on, like a political matter, do you guys have one of those?
Jon- Anti-war

CD- What are some of your favorite bands?
Chris- Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Broken Bones.
Shane- Broken bones, Discharge, Shitlickers
Jon- Exploited, Partisans.

CD- Did you guys get beat up a lot as kids, in high school and stuff?
Shane- Nope.
Chris- No
Jon- No, I never saw much point in violence.

CD- Any horror stories from past tours, past shows?
Jon- We played in Winnepeg at a hardcore festivel, and Code 13 was supposed to play so we were all pumped. We went down there and a bunch of people wearing Winnepeg sXe jackets, they thought we were the devil.
Shane- We went in there with beer and leather jackets.
Jon- Yea, they were all sXe vegans so they were all like, fuck, get away.
Chris- It was real horrible. They all hated us and no one danced.

CD- How long have you been together?
Jon- As Decontrol, about a year and a half.
Shane- Yea, year and a half.

CD- So were the 3 of you Dodsdomd as well?
Jon- Yea

CD- So thereís been no changes, you just changed you name?
Shane- Changed the name and wrote a bunch of new songs.
Jon- I used to be the vocalist, and we had a different drummer.
Shane- Chris here, this crazy asshole, he used to play guitar.
Chris- I used to play guitar, now I play drums.

CD- Where are you going after this?
Shane- Hopefully to drink.

CD- What about the next city?
Jon- Next city? Back to shitty old Saskatoon.

CD- Does one guy do most of the lyrics and one guy do the music or is it a group thing?
Jon- Group thing.

CD- Ok, one more. Do you support any organizations like Peta of Earth First or anything?
Jon- I support no organizations. I donít know, Iím too lazy.
Shane- Yea, just drink.

CD- Ok, well that's it. Thanks guys!

Interview taken from Punq Ewe Records