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Interview #1

Who's in your band and what do they play?
How do you describe the band's music?
Raging fucking svensk H/C with a good D-beat assault. Really raw as fuck, with lots of distortion, heavy D-beats, and kang beats. Really noisey live. Sounds a lot like Discharge meets Anti-Cimex, Shitlickers.
How long has Decontrol been together?
We formed in the summer of 96.
When is your 12" on Distortion Records coming out?
It was supposed to be out in July 98 but things are busy, so soon.
What's it called?
Self titled
Have you put out any demos or other releases before this?
We made 10 copies of a really raw demo about a year ago. There was a bunch of live shit, and some remixed songs with war samples.
Will people be able to order the record from you or just get it at shows?
They can order it from distortion records which is really reliable, and we have some for sale at shows and you can order them from us too.
b>Have you been on any compilations?
How did you hook up with Distortion Records?
Ordering music from them for a long time, just became friends then I sent him a tape and he liked it.
What do you sing about?
Most songs are about war and the evil shit that war causes people to do. Nuclear holocaust which will probably happen someday and military expenditure.
Have you done any tours or played any out of town shows?
We played Edmonton in March it was good. But its hard for us to tour because none of us own a vehicle, or we'd probably play lots of shows all over.
Are you gonna go on tour to support the record?
If we can get ahold of a van, definitely.
What do you think of Saskatoon?
Its alright, it gets boring at times, but so does any place.
How much of your time do you devote to your band?
The band is the only thing we have to do really.
What other bands have you been in?
Jon-social decay, Visions of War, DODS DOMD
Chris- social decay, Visions of War, DODS DOMD
Shane- Putrifuction, Scabhacker, dishonor, Visions of War, DODS DOMD
When and why did you start playing in bands?
Music is fucking awesome, I couldn't just sit and listen to music I had to play it. I've been playing in bands for about 8 years, a lot of metal bands at the start. Same for Chris and Jon, they have been playing in bands for about 4-5 years
Do you have any specific plans or goals for the future of Decontrol?
To keep playing, and releasing a lot of tunes
If people want, how can they contact you?
2 Patterson Cres.
Saskatoon, Sk
S7L 4Z9

Questions answered by Shane.

Interview #2

1. Ok, give us some info about the band, have you been involved in the ”crust/punk” scene for a long time, what do you think of it, lots of activity in canada?
Decontrol was formed October96 after our old band DÖDSDÖMD called it quits and decided to play more raw music. We played with various fuckheads but now the line up is just the three of us. Chris(20)drums, Jon(18)guitar and Shane(23)bass and agonies + screams. We´ve all been involved in the scene here for a while before Decontrol in various bands. Lots of activity in canada? Not where we´re living, in the middle of buttfuck nowhere!

2. I got you cassette ”s/t” from my friend and drummer Calle (Discontrol), who traded our demo for it. Do you find any special interest in the swedish crust scene (not saying it would have something to do with us) like most (many, at least) foreign people seems to do?
Fuck yeah! Swedish Hc fucks shit up! Especially bands like Anticimex, Shitlickers, Disarm, Crude ss, Wolfpack(Hellhound warpig EP?) But no offense DISCHARGE is still # 1 (none taken/ed).

3. Judging by your name and logo one could easily think you´re just another dis-rip band, I personally think your music best could be compared with old swedish stuff like Anticimex… what do you think of this thing called ”crust”, can it be taken much further or is it a dead end constantly repeating ?
We try to take off where DISCHARGE + ANTICIMEX left off in the early 80´s with a raw sound trying not to sound like generic 90´s crust.

4. What pisses you off/makes you happy, are you pleased with the life you´re living, what do you do besides the music ?
This world is so fucked up we get mad just stepping outside, with constant reminders of the shit that exists like police, military, nationalism, rich ignorant fucks, capitalistic society, consumerism, T.V, filthy pollution and Amerikkka. Things that makes us happy are lots of cheap beer, whiskey, cider, hearing + playing raging Hc, friends, women and welfare checks, and we would´nt trade our way of living for nothin!

5. What do you think of the idea of building human robots as scientists (or what the fuck you call ém) tries to develope computers to think for themselves and giving them human-like parts like an arm and stuff. Aren't they just doing what them old science fiction movies was about, making the machine a threat…. Or is this bullshit ?
Do you think the machine isn't a threat already ? (well you got a point there/ed) We have thousands of computer controlled nuclear missles looming over all our heads right now!

6. Are you an active band, lots of rehearsals, gigs and stuff ?
We rehearse often, a few times a week. We try to play as many gigs as we can but because the size of our country it´s hard, because if we want to play 3 major cities in a row we would have to travel 2000 kilometers one way wich makes things difficult due to the lack of funds. But we love to play gigs!

7. While writing these questions (took me about 3 weeks) I found out you guys are putting out a record on the swedish label ”Distortion”, tell us the story behind that…
SHANE: I was talking to Mats from Distortion and I sent a demo of our old band and he liked it and mentioned he was planning on doing 12” on Distortion Records, but by that time DECONTROL started up we told him it sounded a lot rawer and better song writing. So we sent him a few songs, he liked them and sent us money to record.

8. How come most punk from America (most I´ve heard anyway) got happy tunes and a pop feeling over it ? I may be wrong cause I don´t know much about the scene over there, but if so, please correct me, tell us about some shitkicking crustbands in the states…
We´re not really in touch with the U.S. scene, maybe they´re happy because they´re patriots and love their country and the way things are, who knows? (I thought canada and america was the same thing…..stupid???/ed) But there are some angry punks and bands that you may have heard of from the U.S. like Assrash, hell spawn, final warning, dissasosiate, masskontroll (heard a few of them, not many/ed), but some of our faves are older bands like CRUCIFIX, septic death, poison idea and C.O.C.

9. What does the future hold for Decontrol, any interesting news you like to share ?
Our future is shared with the other people of the world, inevetible war, misery, destruction and apocoliptic doom, and a lot of gigs before this.

10. Ok, final question (wich not really is a question), wrap this little interview up with some last words…
Don´t let the bastards grind you down !

interview by Tomas Björnberg, orignally appeared in Feeble Bastard zine